Humanities Research


February 2017

Shakespeare: memory and modern cognitive science

Four hundred years after the death of William Shakespeare, Professor Evelyn Tribble is proving that his work still provides us with new insights into the human condition. In this case, however, her findings are not based on textual analysis of… Continue Reading →

New light cast on past human responses to climate change

Researchers from the University of Otago, the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History and the University of Oxford are casting new light on past human responses to climate change. It has been argued that some of the… Continue Reading →

Going Soft

If a country had a Facebook page, it would measure its soft power success through the “likes” on the page – indirectly influencing others through its popularity. A concept first coined in the 1990s by American political scientist Joseph Nye,… Continue Reading →

Lessons in politeness and performance

The works of the Roman orator, lawyer, philosopher and politician Marcus Tullius Cicero have fuelled the research of classicists, historians, linguists and philosophers for centuries. Their analysis of Cicero’s texts informs much of what we know today of the workings… Continue Reading →

Churches call on Otago expert

The First Presbyterian Church in Invercargill is the latest to seek the expertise of theology professor and former architect Murray Rae on how to modernise their building whilst maintaining the look and feel of a church. The church is set… Continue Reading →

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