In a recent article, co-authored with an international team of experts, Adan Suazo argues that global health catastrophes have complex origins and more research intersections need to be established by experts in the fields of conflict resolution, public health and environmental studies to effectively tackle the most pressing issues of our time.

Conflict, environmental harm and health epidemics are connecting and compounding factors faced by vulnerable populations that require transdisciplinary solutions – a commitment to this was made by experts in medicine, human rights, ecology and biodiversity, zoonotic disease, public health, health-care systems, war, genocide, and disaster-risk reduction at a recent conference Avoiding Catastrophe: Linking Armed Conflict, Harm to Ecosystems, and Public Health.

The piece was published in the highly-influential journal The Lancet, through its Global Health editorial.

Read Adan’s article.

Adan Suazo is a doctoral researcher with the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies with expertise in Environmental Security, Post-Conflict Analysis, Curriculum Design and Sustainability.