A new book has just been published by co-editors Diane Paul, Department of Zoology’s Hamish Spencer and Department of History and Art History’s John Stenhouse.

Eugenics at the Edges of Empire is the first book to consider the history of eugenics within British Colonial Contexts, exploring the history of eugenics in four Dominions of the British Empire: New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and South Africa.

The collection emerged out of a two-day symposium organised by the editorial team at St Margaret’s College in early 2015 and sponsored by the Centre for Research on Colonial Culture (CRoCC).

It features contributions from several CRoCC members; John Stenhouse, Barbara Brookes and Angela Wanhalla and includes chapters on New Zealand from a number of other scholars and researchers (Charlotte Macdonald, Caroline Daley, Diane Paul, Hamish Spencer and Emma Gattey). Essays on Australia (Stephen Garton and Ross L. Jones), Canada (Erika Dyck and Alex Deighton) and South Africa (Susanne Klausen), also feature.

Find the book here.