Last Thursday saw the successful launch of Jane McCabe’s new book, Race, Tea and Colonial Resettlement: Imperial Families, Interrupted at the Hocken Collections. Launched by the Centre for Colonial Culture Co-director, Angela Wanhalla, this monograph, published by Bloomsbury, explores the experiences of the “Kalimpong Kids”, mixed-race children of tea planters in India, from their missionary-run boarding school, to their migration to New Zealand.

In the book Jane leads us throumccabe-covergh a compelling research journey that began with uncovering the story of her own grandmother, Lorna Peters, one of 130 adolescents resettled in New Zealand under the scheme between 1908 and 1938. Using records from the boarding school in Kalimpong and in-depth interviews with other descendants in New Zealand she brings to light an untold part of imperial history to light.


Jane works in the Department of History and Art History and is a member of the Centre for Research on Colonial Culture.